Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age Discrimination

Any kind of prejudice of favoritism at work is unfair and may also be unlawful and Discrimination based on age is no exception. With modern technology advancing day by day, sometimes employers incorrectly assume younger employees are more adept at handling new practices and techniques. Older workers are just as capable of performing their job tasks and adapting to changing times. If an employer discriminates against you because of your age, you may have the grounds to take legal action.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers over the age of 40 from age discrimination in the workplace. Each state also upholds their own specific regulations for ageism at work. In Florida, workers of all ages are protected from discrimination under the Florida Civil Rights Act.

Signs of age discrimination may include:

  • Biased comments
  • Comparisons between you and your younger coworkers
  • The unjustified promotion of younger coworkers over you, especially if you are more qualified
  • Harsher disciplinary actions against older employees
  • A hiring pattern of younger employees
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Unreasonable or unexplainable demotions or pay reductions
  • Refusal to hire

In short, an employer may not, lawfully, make any decisions regarding hiring, promoting, demoting, or termination based on age. If you notice any signs of age discrimination at work, pay close attention to any clear signs. Sometimes it may be difficult to determine whether an employer favors or promotes others simply because they are good at their job or because they are younger. Look for specific instances and ways in which your employer was outright discriminatory about your age.

Sometimes even employers who are older than you can still be discriminatory in regards to your age. Age discrimination can impact your career, income, and emotional and mental health. If you are suffering age discrimination at work, you have a legal right to take action and defend your right to a fair workplace.

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