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Company executives provide a professional service, just as any other employee, and have rights under Florida employment law. The Jacksonville Executive Compensation Attorney Shands M. Wulbern possess a detailed knowledge of executive arrangements and can advise clients in the course of planning and negotiating compensation and benefits packages.

Attorney Wulbern works to ensure that executives are compensated for their services fairly and in compliance with legal regulations. If you are currently undergoing discussions of executive compensation, do not hesitate to contact the firm today.

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Negotiating Compensation Packages

In the event of a takeover, merger, layoffs, or retirement, it is vital that both employers and employees possess a clear understanding of contract terms. The formulation of compensation packages can be tremendously complicated, requiring detailed insight into areas such as equity-based incentives, severance rights, compensation disclosure, and tax law compliance.

Furthermore, contracts and agreements must comply with increasingly complex government regulations. Compensation agreements can play a central role in the culture and retention of executive leadership and the act of retaining skilled legal representation during negotiations can make the key difference in the success of executive packages.

Executive compensation packages can routinely include:

  • Salary growth and bonus options
  • Benefits and health care coverage
  • Stock offerings and stock options
  • Deferred compensation arrangements
  • Retirement plans
  • Severance package agreements

Executive Compensation and Benefit Solutions

Fitting benefit packages can help to safeguard executive objectivity, security, and fiduciary responsibility. When you face concerns regarding any aspect of an executive compensation package, contact the Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.A. at your earliest convenience.

The lead Jacksonville executive compensation lawyer is well versed in the intricacies of employment law and can work to ensure that your best interests remain protected. Attorney Wulbern possesses over two decades of legal experience and can represent clients during all stages of negotiations and litigation.

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