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Have You Been Discriminated Against in the Workplace?

At The Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.C., Attorney Shands M. Wulbern, a Jacksonville discrimination lawyer is dedicated to protecting the rights of his clients. He offers 20+ years of dedicated legal guidance to clients who are faced with issues of discrimination within their places of employment.

As an advocate for justice and equality, he can take any legal step available to ensure that you are not discriminated against and that you receive the necessary compensation from your situation. Contact Attorney Shands M. Wulbern today for help with your discrimination case!

Identify and Challenge All Types of Workplace Discrimination

In many cases, it can be a daunting task to prove that your suspicions of discrimination are valid. Your employers or coworkers may doing their best to hide their unfair biases and illegitimate business practices by keeping records of their actions private. With the support of Attorney Wulbern, you can still hold them accountable and seek justice for the damages and trauma they caused you.

The Jacksonville employee representation attorney offers assistance for a wide range of cases, including, but not limited to, the following types of discrimination:

Are You a Victim of Employment Discrimination?

There are many state and federal laws set in place that prohibit employers, organizations, and governments from discriminating against others because of specific protected characteristics. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities in Employment Act, and other laws, employers are prohibited from discriminating when it comes to hiring, firing, giving promotions, giving demotions, and other situations.

If you win your discrimination case, you may be rewarded with benefits including:

  • Financial compensation for potential lost wages
  • Monies for punitive or nominal damages
  • Promotions in the company that were unjustly denied
  • Restoration of denied benefits

Furthermore, you are protected from any negative actions taken against you by your employer, manager, or coworkers after filing a workplace discrimination lawsuit. If you begin to feel harassed due to your claims, you can turn to Jacksonville discrimination attorney Shands M. Wulbern to defend you.

Don’t Suffer From Discrimination - Take Action Today!

Mr. Wulbern from The Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.A. can help you develop a strong case that protects of your rights, no matter the strength of the opposition. As a Jacksonville discrimination lawyer who knows the laws from top to bottom, he can effectively build a case on your behalf that you can trust. Depend upon the experience that he offers to your case to resolve the discrimination you have suffered.

You deserve fair treatment. Start defending yourself today by scheduling a case evaluation. Call the firm at (904) 638-9943 today!