Age Discrimination

Jacksonville Age Discrimination Attorney

Older employees expect their years of loyalty and contributions to be rewarded with continued employment and appropriate compensation. Sadly, false stigmas are often associated with older workers. Some stereotypes regarding older workers insinuate that their experience isn't as valuable as their younger counterparts.

In fact, some companies wrongly label older workers as less efficient, less productive, and more expensive than younger workers. On the contrary, employees of all ages can demonstrate their ability to stay current with new technology and contribute to their company's success. Inaccurate and discriminatory perceptions inevitably leave older workers vulnerable at a time when they are relying on their current jobs to provide them with employment security.

Some employers will state through derogatory comments or jokes that they favor younger employees. Age discrimination, however, is usually the result of treating younger employees more favorably than their older counterparts. If you are a victim of age discrimination, the Jacksonville employment lawyer from the Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.A. can take action to assist you with each step of your case.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is a federal statute that protects employees from workplace discrimination. Workers who are 40 years of age or older are protected under the ADEA. The Florida Civil Rights Act also protects workers, regardless of their age, from being discriminated against as a result of age bias.

Age discrimination can take the form of:

Age discrimination can be seen through any adverse action that alters the terms and conditions of employment. The most common form of age discrimination occurs when an older worker reaches a certain age and is then terminated without cause. The seasoned worker may even be laid off in favor of younger workers at lower salaries or wages.

Legal Action from the Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.A.

Warning signs can indicate age discrimination. Employees should strongly consider seeking legal advice if an employee believes he or she is being targeted for termination because of his or her age. The Jacksonville age discrimination attorney provides employees with skillful representation. He can provide you with important advice to protect your career, and if necessary, litigate against employers who are engaging in prohibited practices.

A delay in legal action can detrimentally affect the building of a case against the employer. Most employment law cases are subject to a statute of limitations, so it is crucial that you file your claim in a timely manner.

If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, contact the Law Office of Shands M. Wulbern, P.A. by calling (904) 638-9943 for the legal guidance your case requires.